Machine to Machine / M2M

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) refers to direct communication between machines that function, interact and share information without any special configuration. Internet of things (IOT) has played a major role in the rapid evolution of M2M technology. M2M solutions realizes the potential to connect countless devices through a single network, such as vending machines, generators, trucks, appliances and building – virtually anything with sensors or software agents that can report device-specific information back to other devices or applications.


Monitor Real Live Conditions

M2M solutions are able to observe the status of connected devices and their environment in real-time. The ability to oversee how your assets are functioning and where they are geographically at any given time is just a glance away, allowing for quicker decision-making and overall efficiency.

Manage Machines Remotely

Remote diagnostic and maintenance capabilities are essential for sustainable and cost-effective service structures. Many tasks can be carried out remotely without the need to be present in space. However, in the case that on-site visits are necessary, service technicians know exactly which parts are needed to bring along.

Automate & Enhance Processes

When machines exchange information automatically, they are able to support us in an endless amount of tasks. These can range from mundane and everyday activities, such as closing the skylight when it detects rain, to complex ones such as calculating optimal routes for delivering supplies.

Identify Critical Situations

At the end of the day, machines report to humans. They help us to identify critical situations that require our attention. This can be a machine in manufacturing that needs maintenance or a driver who shows signs of fatigue while on the road. A key benefit of M2M solutions is the ability to define critical situations and respond quickly and accordingly.

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