Supply Chain Management

For manufacturers of goods, the movement of physical assets, such as parts, containers and packages, present a challenge due to the lack of visibility. As assets ship, arrive and are assembled, blind spots inevitably develop. Through our powerful platform, managers and supervisors have the ability to monitor assets remotely and set-up alerts to reveal the blind spots in the supply chain before they occur.


Manufacturing Optimization

M2M technology helps manufacturers maximize production efficiencies, while minimizing inventory and eliminating waste in the supply chain by remotely tracking, managing and analyzing the flow of production parts, assemblies and racks between factories and suppliers. By providing real-time visibility into cross-factory material flows, users are in control of the impending chaos of the supply chain and are able to precisely identify any potential problems or delays.


Distribution Optimization

Our remote maintenance solutions allow for users to monitor all equipment remotely and set pre-defined maintenance schedules during off-hours to avoid downtime. Alerts can be set based on calendar time, engine activity or mileage, depending on the type of service needed.

Remote Sensors

Remote sensors of all kinds can be integrated into the supply chain. Temperatures can be monitored and recorded to ensure that goods are transported in compliance with regulatory and cross-border laws. Hours of service can be adhered to so that drivers are safe.

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