Manufacturing Uptime

Maximize your up-time by implementing predictive maintenance. Ensure that your production scheduling is more accurate allowing you to have less down time between runs. Being able to know when a production run is going to be completed allows you to more efficiently schedule the next run.

Employee Utilization Rate

By using machine mounted intelligent terminals you will dramatically reduce setup times & increase production count accuracy. Supervisors will much better be able to manage multiple lines with the assistance of immediate notifications.

Reduces TAKT Time

Being able to accurately measure every step in your process allows you to see the things that were not visible before. This visibility affords the agility needed to make your process more efficient and ultimately reducing TAKT time.

Overall Improved Productivity

When organizations are able to reduce waste due to┬áless scrap and production over runs. When utilization is at its peak due to a more efficient operation, management is happy and that is music to everyone’s ears!

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