Asset Management

Our Asset Management solutions address the needs for assets that may remain in the same location for extended periods or are always on the go. We have solutions for powered and non-powered assets. For short term tracking or long term deployments our various hardware solutions can be custom configured to address your specific requirements.

Generator Monitoring

Our Remote Generator monitoring solution allows you to know the critical information about your generator from anywhere in the world. Be notified about utility loss, running transferred or generator failed events immediately. Our solution also notifies you when it is time to perform service based on user defined parameters.

Industrial Monitoring

Our Industrial solutions can monitor levels/status of switches, relays, solenoids, temperature sensors, count, voltage & current…. These solutions can combine multiple pieces of data with complex Boolean’s to provide you with alarm notifications & business intelligence to make informed operational decisions.


Our network solutions allow for remote connectivity into PLC’s using either Ethernet or RS232/485.  This allows for controlling any type of device, including upgrading firmware’s & doing software updates. Features such as dual network and VPN connectivity assure both security and reliability.

Hoists & Elevators

Our Hoist & Elevator solutions fulfil the requirements of accurately reporting operating hours, preventative and predictive maintenance. They offer up to the minute usage for rental & temporary deployments. Multiple sensor inputs allow for instant notifications when troubles arise. Remote program-ability reduces the number of on-site visits.

GPS Tracking

Our GPS tracking solutions are a perfect fit for basic types of requirements such as the “Buy Here Pay Here” markets, private investigation, rental and leasing industries. When a full featured Fleet Management solution is not required our cost effective GPS Tracking systems can be used to meet those basic requirements.


Our Manufacturing solutions enable companies to maximize their production by monitoring multiple data points as well as integrating operator feedback to provide full visibility to the entire workflow. Reduced TAKT time, down time, reject ratio and increased OEE is achieved by implementing visual management.

Remote Communication & Control

Our Remote Control solutions allows for wireless bi-directional communications of GPIO, Audio/Video & Telemetry. From a remote HD camera solution that monitors the level of water or remote concierge that provide entry into a garage to Live Broadcasting of an event streamed to 10,000 viewers.

Fleet Management

Knowing the who, what, where, why & how of your mobile resources is an essential component of any modern business. With an easy to use interface featuring a variety of alerts, reports, maintenance scheduling & dispatch our solution will allow you to take control of your fleet no matter what the size.

Heavy Equipment

Our Heavy Equipment solutions address the needs of skyjacks, scissor lifts, tele-handlers & boom trucks. Features such as tilt, charge, fuel & oil pressure monitoring can reduce the amount of unnecessary service calls and work disruption. Scheduled maintenance reports let you keep on top of your heavy equipment wherever they are located.


M2M/IOT solutions come in all shapes and sizes, where there is no “one size fits all” any more. Let our team of experts create a customized solution that meets your requirements. From a single input sensor on 1 switch to 1024 inputs/128 outputs on a vast network of machines located in different parts of the world we have you connected.

Time & Attendance

Our remote Time & Attendance solution allows you to be notified when employees arrive and depart from specific locations as well as accumulate their hours for payroll. By having a live system that is available to the minute administration personnel can quickly view which employees are at which location. Reports can be emailed automatically based on a predefined schedule.

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