Equipment Monitoring

By implementing M2M solutions you can unsure that your equipment can speak to you and let you know when it is time to service them based on usage. Predictive maintenance is the modern day “1 ounce of prevention is worth 1 pound of cure”. There is no need to arrive at job-site anymore to discover a piece of machinery that won’t start due to a seized engine as a result of an ignored oil light that has been on for 3 months.

Asset Management

Knowing where your equipment is at all times ensures that time is not wasted transporting unnecessary equipment to the wrong site or having a team waiting for equipment to be delivered to start working. This also reduces the costly and wasteful exercise of figuring out where everything is.

Theft Protection & Recovery

While the theft of construction equipment is a reality that exists, there are solutions in place that can mitigate those risks. Starter disable, Employee ID Fobs & time delay start are just a few things that make these assets more secure. Being notified right away when something happened that shouldn’t allows companies the ability to protect their assets.

Time & Attendance

Ensuring payroll and contractor hours are accurate is a challenge for even the most adept supervisors. M2M solutions can accurately recording Time In & Time Out and transport that information to the right people in real time. This dramatically reduces the amount of time to do payroll as well as ensures that hours reported are accurate.

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